The Aussie Rimshine

Forget the time consuming, back breaking methods of polishing you're used to, or paying your valuable staff to waste their time hunched over the wheels. And the more expensive option of removing the wheels to polish them, only results in longer downtime refitting wheels and retensioning wheel studs.

About our Machine

The Aussie Rimshine currently has several of the most common American and European rim designs and we are working on more.

Aussie Rimshine has already proven its worth to all sorts of businesses around Australia. From single truck owners to big fleet operators, truck detailing and repair outlets to tire fitters and dealers. They are all benefiting from using the Aussie Rimshine by reducing downtime, better use of staff resources and most importantly improving their bottom line.

Aussie Rimshine is the most efficient way to polish your truck rims and the most cost effective option for your business.

How it Works

Simply move the Aussie Rimshine into position by aligning the polishing heads to your wheel rim. Then switch it on, apply pressure towards the rim, and watch how quick and efficiently it cleans your rims.

Once your rim is clean, which takes about four minutes, it's time to move onto the next one. It's that easy!

Video Watch the Video

It's time you got an Aussie Rimshine!

About Aussie Rimshine Portable Wheel Polisher

Who We Are

The Aussie Rimshine was designed and developed by an Australian designer of heavy duty transport equipment, Brian McKee. With 40 plus years of experience in the transport industry, he was someone who knew firsthand the importance of maintaining your vehicles whilst managing your bottom line.

With great effort and initiative Brian has designed a product that puts his customers needs at the forefront. He understood that the success of your business depends on reliable equipment and that is why Aussie Rimshine has gained the support and trust of so many businesses throughout Australia and the trucking industry. Brian sadly passed after a short battle with cancer & today the Aussie Rimshine Company has been carried on by Brians two sons Chris & Scott. Both coming from a trucking background they too understand the importance not only having reliable equipment, but also having your equipment look it's best.

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