Aussie Rimshine

  • Australia

    Sales & Support


    Phone +61 409 562 318

  • New Zealand

    Sales & Support

    New Zealand

    Ray Brown
    Shiny T&T Rims Ltd

    20 Barbados Way, One Tree Point, Whangarei 0118 New Zealand

    Phone 0274 769 302

  • United States/Canada

    Sales & Support


    Suite D

    740 Palmyrita Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

    Phone +11 909 476 6068

Customer Support

Aussie Rimshine prides itself on customer support. We have sales and technical support teams both in Australia and the United States. They both will be able to help you with any questions and have all consumables readily available from both locations.

Our customers are benefiting from using the Aussie Rimshine by reducing downtime, better use of staff resources and most importantly improving their bottom line. Aussie Rimshine is the most efficient way to polish your truck rims and the most cost effective option for your business.

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